London today can be summed up in 3 words for me.
Motivating. Sweaty. Inspiring.

(Maybe hot too!)

Wrist Band!

As the last day of D&Ad I decided to get some inspiration, to look around the stalls, have an idea of the standard I need to be next year, and generally get my foot in the door.
I have to say, I had a brilliant time.

The stand’s were great, from graphics to games design, and then I went to investigate what the 3rd year’s at UWE had been up too.  

Uwe Stand

And I was really impressed, the stand was busy, well designed and really inspiring (other than the weird lack of business cards?!?). It made me more confident at my abilities to enter next year, and the success of UWE Graphic’s department as a whole. 

I’d then booked some talks, one with Ian Wharton, kick start your creative career, and the other with Ralph, Tea time at Ralph’s. Both of which I really enjoyed, but in completely individual ways. Ian Wharton was more about self promotion, passion and how important belief in yourself is when trying to start your career in design, where as, Ralph’s talk was about their company, how each individual person fitted with the team, and how they worked together to create the work they do. (Ralph’s also put on a really nice spread!) 
Spread at Ralph's!

All in all, I had a really great day! Really wished I could have made it to both day’s but the work was fantastic, I made some really cool contacts and just enjoyed myself immersed in the Graphic’s world I’ll be in this time next year.


[UWE at D&Ad has been mentioned on Design Week
By Angus Montgomery - Who I met at the meat club breakfast last week! 
And on Creative Review -
So Proud of my Uni! ]  

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